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Are YOU the 2020 Creepy Doll? The eerie Creepy Dolls have risen once more to entice YOU into their vault of vanity. The victorious mortal will be revealed at our virtual Creepy Doll Cocktail Party on Halloween night. Our ominous artifacts are dying to see if you are worthy to:



and the chilling title

2020 Creepy Doll


What kind of Creepy Doll are YOU? Corn husk, paper, Russian nesting, porcelain, action figure, rag doll, movie inspiration, or one you played with as a child?

Use your chilling creativity to create a photo or 5-15 second video of your hair-raising look and:

  1. Email your disquieting photo or video to:

    • Include your first and last name, mailing address, and phone number (Only first name and state will be shared in winner announcements.)

    • You may include a description of your entry if wished.

  2. Submit a $5 entry fee to the History Center

    Enter Contest

  3. Consider attending the virtual Creepy Doll Cocktail party to watch your competition and see if you win during our live show!

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Freaky Friend Alert! Share your pageant entry on your personal social media platforms!

Facebook tag: @historycenterofolmstedcounty
Instagram: @olmstedhistorycenter


Your Demented Disguise will be Deemed Deserving based on:

  • Creep Factor

  • Historical Elements

  • Makeup

  • Costume

  • Presentation/Setting



  • One entry per email to ensure the file size can be received.

  • $5 fee required for entry.

  • Keep movies as silent as possible for editing purposes.

  • Entrants under age 18 must submit a signed permission from their legal guardian.

  • Goosebumps-inducing museum artifacts are our inspiration; they are not racy or bloody. Inappropriate entries will be disqualified.

  • Winner will be announced on social media November 1, and contacted as soon as possible. Prize will be mailed if the winner is not located nearby.

  • Contest entry submission gives the History Center of Olmsted County ownership of your entry for all promotional materials, Creepy Doll Cocktail Party presentation, social media and YouTube videos, website, and media. We will not share your name, phone number, or address with the exception of the first name and state of winner.

  • Entries must be submitted by midnight, October 28, 2020.


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