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Creepy Doll Contestants

What began as an innocent perusal by a volunteer in search of interesting artifacts to post on social media became a media sensation in 2019. Nine doll “contestants” were selected from the History Center’s collection of artifacts, and the Facebook and Instagram communities were invited to “like” the doll they found creepiest. By All Hallows’ Eve, staff were fielding messages from around the globe. Voting on this year’s nine contestant dolls will run on Facebook and Instagram on October 14-28. Motivated fans can see them “live” at the History Center and cast an in-person vote beginning October 1st.

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Creepy Doll Costume Pageant

We’re inviting fans at home to create a costume inspired by the creepy dolls in our collection. Pageant participants can submit a short video of themselves dressed as a creepy doll walking the runway. Staff will review the pageant entry videos and pick a winner. The prize is a one-of-a-kind t-shirt featuring their new title: I am the 2020 Creepy Doll. Videos of the Pageant finalists and winner will be shown at the cocktail party with spooky music as a backdrop. Creepy Doll Costume Pageant videos must be submitted by October 28.

It's a dress up party
that's fun and a fright.
Dress as your best
and show us the sight!
A chance for the win of your own SPECIAL tee
Showing the world you're the best at "creepy".
Click here for rules and follow them all
to be crowned the 2020 creepiest doll.

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Creepy Doll Cocktail Party

Because of Covid-19, the History Center is inviting fans and followers to join in crowning the winning Creepy Doll virtually on Halloween night from 6pm - 8pm with jazz duo John Penny and Steven Hobert, to help the dolls (and humans) celebrate.  The live band will begin playing scary music as each doll is honored with its own special cocktail (they are all winners, creepy in their own, special way). Viewers can join in by making the drink at home and toasting each doll. But it’s the winning doll’s evening to reign supreme. “What do you like most about yourself?” “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” The winning doll will answer these questions and more via chat. But Halloween evening holds even more suspense: the winner of the Creepy Doll Costume Pageant will be announced.

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